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27 Ağustos Ctesi / Aug. 2022 Sa (21:30-23:50) – scroll down for English

Sarp Keskiner (vo, g, harmonika), Feramerz Ayadi (g), Vefa Karatay (b), Ergin Özler (d).

Ağustos 1994’ten bu yana bin beşyüzü aşkın bar performansı ve onlarca festival konseri veren, 2000 yılında yayınlanan ilk albümü “Chicago Istanbul Mainline”dan sonra çıktığı turnelerle Türkiye’nin dört bir yanını dolaşan Moe Joe, bu akşam Nardis Jazz Club’da sahne alacak.

Bugüne dek Guitar Shorty, Eddie Kirkland, Nappy Brown, Roomful Of Blues, Philadelphia Jerry Ricks, Lucky Peterson ve W.C. Clark gibi blues efsanelerinin yanı sıra Alvin Youngblood Hart, Dani Dorchin, Lavay Smith gibi yeni kuşak starlarla sahneyi paylaşma onurunu yaşayan, Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones), Adam Rudolph, Yusef Lateef, Pharoah Sanders, Randy Weston, George Benson, Claudio Bedran (Blues Etilicos), Ronnie Peterson, Steve Dawson (Zubot & Dawson) ve John Scofield gibi efsanevi isimlerin takdirini kazanan grup, dinleyicilere keyifli bir gece vaad ediyor.

Giriş: 120 TL

You will have options to choose a table if you come at 20:30 when the door opens.

Moe Joe was founded by Feramerz Ayadi and Vefa Karatay in August 1994. Instead of other electric blues bands in Turkey, Moe Joe chose a different path to follow; which reffers mainly to classic Chicago blues fashions and struggled hard on the club scene, during its early years. By time, the band turned out to be a shelter for the purist audience and led the electric blues scene with its distinctive approach.

In June 1996, Sarp Keskiner and İlhan Babaoğlu joined the band; both were until then members of Istanbul Blues Company. By inclusion of Keskiner, Moe Joe mostly started to perform his originals; besides strutting a large repertoire of Chicago Southside & Westside classics, Texan shuffles and dark Louisiana grooves.

In April 1998, the band reached at the peak of its musical performance with the collaboration of harmonica virtuoso Tuğrul Aray and lately in February 2001, swing drummer Ergin Özler empowered the rhythm section with his solid but juicy approach.

Moe Joe caught the fame with its unique chemistry circa late 90’s: Feramerz Ayadi was coming from a background of Chicago Westside school while Sarp Keskiner was a brilliant Delta blues player and a gospel singer. Tuğrul Aray and İlhan Babaoğlu blew dirty moans over the top of a solid, swinging rhythm section; which was laid by Vefa Karatay and Ergin Özler. In 1996 and 1997, during the international Efes Pilsen Blues Festivals (7 th and 8th), Moe Joe was chosen to host the official club jams. With this occasion, the band had the opportunity to share the stage with some all-time legends like Guitar Shorty, Eddie Kirkland and Nappy Brown; in addition to the new rising stars of urban blues such as Alvin Youngblood Hart and Lavay Smith. The band was sincerely congratulated and encouraged by Mick Jagger, Randy Weston, George Benson, John Scofield, Adam Rudolph and the names listed above. In addition, Keskiner and Ayadi had the honour of sharing the stage with Roomful Of Blues and W.C. Clark, in December 2003; as “specially featured artists” during the official program of Efes Pilsen Blues Festival 14.

After releasing the “all originals” debut album, “Chicago Istanbul Mainline”; in November 2000, Moe Joe was presented as the hot potatato of the Turkish blues scene; while having been interviewed and featured on various magazines, web sites, radio and tv channels. This media interest came to the top after a never ending Turkey tour; giving the chance to Moe Joe to share all its enthusiasm with variable audiences, whom never had heard of blues before.

In June 2002, by departure of Aray and Babaoğlu, Moe Joe turned back to the basics with a more jazzed up but a deeper, rootsy sound. The sonic operation was expanded with experimental jams with various respected free jazz musicians of Istanbul. Evolving into a stool band format in 2003, the group gained the advantage of performing in smaller venues; with the most minimal PA sets.

Moe Joe celebrated its 20 th anniversary in 2010, by promoting a documentary featuring the past decades of the band. Due to political tensions and unstable conditions causing the omission of various concerts between 2010 and 2014, the band called out a temporary halt until 2018. Enter Orçun Baştürk in 2019; a well-respected drummer with a broad perspective to add a lot to the sonic chemistry of the band; Moe Joe is back on the track, while congratulating its 25th anniversary in August 2019. A new documentary is yet to follow the release of the second official album.

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