9 Temmuz / Jul. Genco Arı Trio

09tem_genco09 Temmuz / Jul. 2013 Salı (21:30-00:30)
Genco Arı Trio
Genco Arı (p), Önder Focan (g), Caner Üstündağ (b).
Geçtiğimiz günlerde caz severlere bir sürpriz yapan Genco Arı gitarda Önder Focan ve basta Caner Üstündağ ile kaydettiği albümünden parçaları seslendirecekler. Sanatçılar Türk folk parçalarına Genco Arı’nın yaptığı aranjmaları yorumlayacaklar.
Giriş: 35 TL, Öğrenci: 20 TL

Starting music at the early age of 5, Genco Arı started studying at the İstanbul University State Conservatory at age 9 with the influence of his father who as also a jazz musician. There he studied piano and conducting and was a student of many important tutors such as Prof. Meral Yapalı, Prof. Ova Sunder, Prof. Lala Margulius, Prof. Emel Çelebioğlu and Doc. Mete Sakpınar. He passed six grades only in six months and went on to study at the license program. At 13 he started playing at the TRT Jazz Orchestraa and a year later he formed his own band started performing originals on stage. The same year Genco was asked to arrange for pop singer Zerrin Özer which was his introduction to the pop scene. Since then he has played on countless pop and jazz albums and concerts. He made a jazz album with the band ”Quartet Muartet” and in 2007 he released his album ”Wizart”. Tonight the quintet will perform standards and Arı’s arrangement from the album “Bulbulum Altin Kafeste” recorded a suprising CD project recently with Önder Focan on guitar and Caner Ustundag on bass will play the Turkish folk tunes, arrangements by Genco Ari tonight.
Music Charge: 35.- TL

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